Startups Magazine's top startups from CES 2024

At CES 2024, a new wave of startups emerged, showcasing cutting-edge innovations that promise to reshape the tech world.

CES, as an event renowned for spotlighting the future of technology, has become a platform for these emerging companies to display their skill and vision. In this article, we explore the standout startups from CES 2024, each bringing unique ideas and solutions that hold the potential to revolutionise industries and consumer experiences.


Afference is revolutionising the way we interact with technology through 'neuro haptics,' a method that interfaces directly with the nervous system, unlike traditional haptic technologies. This approach enables a more realistic and immersive experience, particularly in virtual environments.


Chipolo is a company that specialises in creating Bluetooth item trackers designed to help users easily locate their personal belongings like keys, wallets, and phones. Its latest initiative, the 'Perfectly Imperfect' campaign, intertwines the concepts of sustainability and embracing imperfections.

Day Break

Day Break, a forward-thinking startup, is carving a niche in the food industry with its mission to connect producers and consumers in a sustainable and innovative way. Addressing critical issues like labour shortages, food loss, and freshness preservation, Day Break's central focus is on changing the way we think about frozen food.


Deepagro is an AgriTech startup that is focused on integrating AI into agriculture. The startup’s key product, SprAI, is a selective herbicide application technology designed to significantly reduce the use of agrochemicals in farming practices.


Doublepoint has created a software platform that facilitates intuitive, zero learning-curve gesture recognition. This platform is designed specifically for a variety of Google Android-based hardware devices, including those used in Augmented Reality and consumer electronics.

Enchanted Tools

Enchanted Tools, based in Paris, is leading a transformative wave in the robotics industry with its creation, the Mirokaï robots. These robots represent a fusion of high-end engineering expertise and enchanting character design, reshaping the perception and functionality of robots in various social environments.


EyeQ's mission is to enable authentic eye contact in online interactions, which is especially important with the rise of remote work and virtual meetings. 

Field AI

Field AI takes existing machinery and enables autonomy that is then able to be deployed into the field. It takes an any vehicle, any sensor, any environment approach, as well as implementing connectivity between teams of robots.


Holoconnects aims to demonstrate the immense potential of holographic technology in various industries, including hospitality and travel, healthcare, retail, entertainment, communications, events, education, and more.

Kepler Exploration Robotics

Kepler Exploration Robotics is committed to researching, developing, and manufacturing general-purpose humanoid robots, addressing the challenge of labour shortages. The company's flagship, the Kepler humanoid robot, features a highly bionic structure encompassing 40 degrees of freedom.


Launched in July 2023, IDeAOcean specialises in mechanism design for machines and robots. Its flagship product, METHEUS, recognised as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Product, is reshaping the landscape of mechanical design by automating and simplifying processes that were traditionally performed manually using 3D CAD software.


Moplat is a startup aiming to utilise the known presence of over the air updates to enhance road safety for pedestrians through signal transmission technologies attached to vehicles.


Palmplug is a startup making strides in the wearables sector. Its latest product, the Palmplug One, is a compact glove, equipped with sensors on each finger for hand tracking and haptic feedback, along with multi-colour LED lights that provide visual cues to the user.


Inspired by nature, RePG has developed a diverse range of products, including a unique water-from-air generator capable of producing various quantities of water, ranging from small to large-scale outputs.

Sidewalk Entertainment

Sidewalk Entertainment is an AI startup pushing the boundaries of content creation and interaction through real-time motion tracking AI technology. Its first product is STEPIN, a mobile app specifically designed around K-pop dance which merges social media and gaming in one.


Skwheel is a Parisian startup that has innovated in the urban mobility space with its Skwheel One electric ski. This product is unique in that it consists of two motorised skis, each featuring a wheel at the front and back, a carbon composite deck, front and rear running lights, a quick-swappable lithium-ion battery, and snowboard-style bindings.


SKYTED's mission is to improve productivity by enabling phone calls in previously impractical places. The mask allows users to communicate silently and confidentially, enhancing their day-to-day life. It's especially useful in areas like airplanes, trains, and rideshare vehicles, as well as for gamers and government agencies, including the military.

SLM Global

SLM Global has developed an innovative solution to ship maintenance. The CHIRO is designed to clean ships in a safe, quick, and automated manner. It operates with electrically driven magnetic wheels, allowing it to attach to and crawl over the hull surface, efficiently brushing off fouling.

Squad Mobility

Squad Mobility has developed the SQUAD Solar City Car, a two-seater solar electric vehicle (SEV). This vehicle, aimed at bridging the gap between cars and two-wheelers, is optimised for both private and shared mobility use.


SquareMind is making skin screening more accessible through digitisation, helping physicians with more data through the leveraging of AI. The startup see themselves as the future of non-invasive healthcare, envisioning a future where autonomous robots will revolutionise healthcare systems around the world.

Sunny Solutions

Sunny Solutions is focused on developing Sunny the robot, aimed at improving and simplifying people's lives. Sunny the robot is designed for both business and personal use, enhancing and simplifying communication and creating modern digital technology.


TranscribeGlass delivers a comfortable wearable assistive technology device for d/Deaf, hard of hearing, elderly, and other people who want to improve their comprehension of spoken communication using real-time captions.


UpFiner and its team's mission is to help people never lost what matter to them. To meet this mission they created UpLock, a small, secured case with motion detection, integrated alarm, and geolocation.


Valkyrie is a company who are redefining the boundaries of immersive experiences; dedicated to pioneering haptic wearables – technology capable of delivering resistance-based sensations to the body in virtual reality to transform XR experiences.


Vaonis has created a number of products that will allow a lot more people to expand and investigate the universe in a completely new way. One of its newest releases, the Hestia, is a smart telescope that represents a fusion of sophisticated technology and user-friendly design, catering to both amateur astronomers and seasoned stargazers.


VTOUCH is a hygienic, non-contact, long-range touch solution for the post-COVID-19 era. The world’s first complete contactless touch technology. Virtual Touch harnesses deep learning technology, utilising a 3D camera to analyse the user's movements.


Motor enthusiasts XOTO have created the three-wheeled scooter which is safer than a regular scooter. The patented vehicle is electric and feels like "surfing the road,” and is trying to declutter cities and create a sustainable solution with a 45-mile range on a single battery.


Y-Brush aims to make the necessary, but monotonous task of toothbrushing, simple with an electric toothbrush that can clean teeth in just 10 seconds, as opposed to the standard two minutes, by brushing all teeth simultaneously.


YellowScan is a startup in the field of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) mapping solutions, specialising in LiDAR technology. Its product range, such as the Vx-20 and Surveyor Ultra, is designed for diverse applications including city planning, infrastructure development, corridor, and forest mapping.