RePG at CES 2024

On Day 3 of CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood met with Hasan from RePG to discuss their innovative method in making renewable energy. 

Inspired by nature, RePG has developed a diverse range of products, including a unique water-from-air generator capable of producing various quantities of water, ranging from small to large-scale outputs. Utilizing principles of osmosis and diffusion to generate electricity and water, their patented technology, focused on "Renewable Energy & Water Technology," harnesses Latent-Heat and Waste-Heat sources as renewable energy, representing a significant advancement in eco-friendly resource generation.

The mission of RePG, as articulated by Hasan, is ambitious: "Our aim is to be a global company in the world, like the massive energy and water produced R&D products. We focus on innovative solutions inspired by nature, using osmosis and diffusion principles to generate electricity and water from Latent-Heat and Waste-Heat sources."

For now, their goal for the year is to establish a more significant presence worldwide, particularly targeting the US market with their innovative water and energy products.

Watch the full interview with Hasan from RePG at CES 2024 below to gain more insights into their work in renewable energy and water technology.