Bossing It

Bossing It

The weekly podcast for women in business brought to you by entrepreneurs Frankie Cotton and Lara Sheldrake.

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?

From all-knowing AI to holidays in space, What Comes Next? is a podcast all about the amazing technologies that will shape your future. 

The PathCast

The PathCast

The PathCast is a conversational podcast series that delves deep into the minds of business leaders who are starting, scaling or shaking up their industry

40 minute mentor

40 minute mentor

Each episode shares the inspiring stories, advice and mentorship from those in the JBM network.

The Digital Mindfulness Podcast

Digital Mindfulness

Weekly podcast on the business and human impact of digital transformation.

Shiny New Objects

Monzo: Crowdfunding

“We are on a mission to make banking cool, unofficially,” this quote comes from Tristan Thomas, Marketing Director of Monzo.


this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast. Today Monzo are launching their third round of crowdfunding.

To put this in context their first round raised £1M in ninety seconds and their second raise of £2.5M was oversubscribed by around £10M. As of 3pm today, if you are Monzo customer you can invest between £10 and £2K in Monzo - all via the app. Tristan is crazily ambitious, bold and humble stating that “every prediction I make is wrong” but my bet with today’s announcement he’s most certainly going to be right.



Tech Talks

Tech Talks: Safe & The City

Our first guest of 2019 is Jillian Kowalchuk, the inspirational founder of Safe & The City.


What is Safe & The City? Best put it’s Waze for pedestrians, helping track real time data as you walk, making every walk count. It’s a platform tying into local authorities and public services ensuring people are smarter and safer whilst on foot.

Screw It, Just Do It

#078: The Launch of Startups Magazine

A magazine for startups that champions all tech startups and passes on the stories of experience from those who took a leap of faith.


An interesting question is always, "Can someone be an entrepreneur within an existing organisation, eg when it's not their own company".  Well Daisy had an idea to start a magazine, so she went to the directors of the publishing form she was working for and pitched them her idea. A magazine for startups that champions all tech startups and passes on the stories of experience from those who took a leap of faith with their idea. They said yes, and Startups Magazine was born.

upside FM

The First Startup Accelerator Designed For Bootstrappers

Rob Walling is a General Partner of TinySeed. He has bootstrapped multiple startups to exit, most recently Drip.


He runs MicroConf, co-hosts Startups for the Rest of Us, and has been advising, mentoring and investing in startups for more than a decade.

TinySeed is a year-long, remote accelerator designed for early-stage SaaS founders. It’s built by Rob and Einar, two serial entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the ability for non-unicorn startups to raise early-stage funding. It was founded in 2018, and is taking applications for its first cohort until February 15, 2019.

Entrepreneurial Reality

S1:E20 Finding a Developer

In this episode Marc Labbett, co-founder of WishWallet, discusses how he and his wife have spent the last two years developing their app.


, what they did to find the right developer and how they know they are now ready to crowdfund. With plans to go live in 2019 with their digital piggy bank app - which enables users to buy desired items by saving as they spend - it is all go, go, go!

Entrepreneurial Reality with BAsh: Conversations with Start-up & Scale-Up Founders

A moment in time to document Founders current situation with a view to coming back and sharing their experiences good & bad the following year. Come with me, BAsh on a journey with these inspirational entrepreneurs, learn from the people who are living through the trials and tribulations that you normally hear after the event.