Y Brush at CES 2024

On Day 2 of CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood met with Emily from Y-Brush to discuss their product that could revolutionise dental care.

The idea for Y-Brush emerged from the CEO's dislike for traditional toothbrushing. ""Our CEO, not really liking the traditional way of brushing, sparked the idea for Y-Brush. He thought, why not develop a brush that cleans your teeth efficiently in a fraction of the time?" Explained Emily. Y-Brush aims to make the necessary, but monotonous task, simple with an electric toothbrush that can clean teeth in just 10 seconds, as opposed to the standard two minutes, by brushing all teeth simultaneously. The device utilises vibration technology, similar to Philips Sonicare, and comes in two sizes for kids and adults. The brush is flexible and shaped to fit the mouth, ensuring thorough cleaning with simple movements.

Looking ahead to 2024, Y-Brush aims to expand its product line and adapt its technology to work with established brands like Philips Sonicare. Emily described CES as a busy yet exciting opportunity to showcase Y-Brush and gauge public response.

Watch the full interview with Emily from Y-Brush at CES 2024 below to learn more about their innovative approach to dental care.