Squad Mobility at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startup Magazine’s Anna Wood speaks to Chris Klok, Chief of Design at Dutch startup Squad Mobility.

Squad Mobility has developed the SQUAD Solar City Car, a two-seater solar electric vehicle (SEV). This vehicle, aimed at bridging the gap between cars and two-wheelers, is optimised for both private and shared mobility use. It is designed to be surprisingly spacious, providing room for two people plus luggage, and offers features such as large windows for panoramic views, a well-arranged dashboard with space for a bag or laptop, cup holders, a phone holder, and a USB charger.

The SQUAD Solar City Car is categorised as a light electric vehicle in the EU vehicle category L6e, with a more powerful L7 category version planned for the future. It is equipped with three-point seat belts, a full crash structure at the front and rear, and is designed to withstand heavy use. Notably, the tyres of the vehicle act as natural bumpers, minimising damage to body parts.

Powered by two 2kW rear in-wheel motors, the SQUAD Solar City Car offers a range of up to 100km with swappable batteries, and the solar panel on the roof provides an additional range of up to 20km on sunny days. The vehicle's compact size allows it to fit into small parking spaces, and it can be driven without a license from the age of 16 in several EU countries.

Squad Mobility was founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, former employees of Lightyear, with a vision of creating an affordable solar car accessible to everyone. The company plans to offer subscription and/or lease models for the SQUAD Solar City Car, with a target lease price starting at €100 per month. Production and initial deliveries are set to commence in 2023, beginning in the Netherlands and gradually expanding through Europe.