SLM Global at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine’s Anna Wood speaks to Monica Maeng, Sales Manager at SLM Global about their innovative solution to ship maintenance: the CHIRO.

Designed to clean ships in a safe, quick, and automated manner, this colourful robot caught the attention of many, including the Startups team.

CHIRO operates with electrically driven magnetic wheels, allowing it to attach to and crawl over the hull surface, efficiently brushing off fouling. It is remotely controlled by an operator through a tether cable, ensuring safety and precision. The robot's assistant systems facilitate easy launch and retrieval under various conditions. After each cleaning task, CHIRO generates comprehensive reports accompanied by vivid, position-tagged video records, offering an efficient and transparent cleaning process.

Industrial divers, traditionally tasked with this dangerous and stressful job, can now be replaced by this robot, reducing risks and improving working conditions. Moreover, CHIRO addresses environmental concerns, as biofouling can lead to increased fuel consumption and disrupt marine ecosystems.