Holoconnects at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine’s Anna Wood speaks with Holoconnects about bringing people into conferences virtually, with hologram boxes.

As part of the Dutch Pavilion, Holoconnects aims to demonstrate the immense potential of holographic technology in various industries, including hospitality and travel, healthcare, retail, entertainment, communications, events, education, and more.  Visitors had the chance to witness captivating Holobox displays of all sizes, explore interactive hologram applications, and learn about how Holoboxes can be integrated into their own business strategies.

Just recently, the company’s technology was used to “create a visceral connection between global citizens and the individuals living in crisis zones to raise awareness and support for the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). The Holoconnects holographic technology will also be used to showcase new sustainability and climate solutions for UNICEF at COP28.