Field AI at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood speaks with Field AI to learn all about its robotic embodied AI mission.

The Californian-based autonomy robotics company exhibited at CES 2024 and Startups Magazine got to interview them about their goals and missions for the year. The company is pioneering robotic embodied AI and aims to transform industries through its on-edge robotic autonomy.

Field AI takes existing machinery and enables autonomy that is then able to be deployed into the field. It takes an any vehicle, any sensor, any environment approach, as well as implementing connectivity between teams of robots.

Field AI have a robot catalogue of field-tested vehicle types, which provide users a variety of choices and adaptability in regards to cost, size, and performance. Its design means that it is readily applicable in a multitude of environments such as mining, renewables, agriculture, manufacturing and power, with no additional training required.

Find out more in the interview below!