Moplat at CES 2024

Startups Magazine's Anna Wood recently caught up with John from Moplat in the Eureka Park area of CES 2024 to discuss their strides in integrating software and hardware in the automotive industry.

Founded in 2021, Moplat is a startup aiming to utilise the known presence of over the air updates to enhance road safety for pedestrians through signal transmission technologies attached to vehicles. "It's basically communication between the pedestrian and the mobile,” John explained. “So the driver or the nearby bystander will be alerted based on what's happening around, such as black ice, road hazards, or even hurricanes." This technology isn't just limited to safety measures; it extends to the realm of advertising, transmitting promotions and advertisements through vehicle displays.

Despite it being John’s first time attending CES, he told of how Moplat has already been receiving growing interest from Tier One and Tier Two companies in this field. Moplat's approach is garnering attention for its potential to significantly contribute to road safety and communication in the near future.

Watch the full interview with John from Moplat at CES 2024 below to learn more about their innovative approach to automotive safety and communication.