EyeQ at CES 2024 

On the first day of CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood spoke with Gurt from EyeQ to discuss their efforts to bring authentic eye contact to video calls.

The idea behind the Dutch startup was inspired by a YouTube video about a similar invention. Realising the importance of eye contact in building trust and connection, especially in a world increasingly reliant on virtual communication, Gurt saw the potential for this technology. "In a normal life, it's very polite to look at each other and into the eye. Online, we're not doing that. It's actually quite rude," explains Gurt. EyeQ's mission is to enable authentic eye contact in online interactions, especially important with the rise of remote work and virtual meetings. 

EyeQ offers three sizes of the product, catering to different laptop dimensions, with a starting price of 400 euros, and soon aims to explore the American market and expand in Europe, with the product available for pre-order on their website.

Watch the full interview with Gurt from EyeQ at CES 2024 below to discover more about their breakthrough in enhancing the authenticity of video calls.