Startups Magazine’s Anna Wood spoke to VTOUCH at CES 2024, a hygienic, non-contact, long-range touch solution for the post-covid-19 era. The world’s first complete contactless touch technology.

Virtual Touch harnesses deep learning technology, utilising a 3D camera to analyse the user's movements. This innovative approach enables precise detection of where a person is pointing, allowing for simultaneous selection of that exact point.

Key features include:

  • Touch-like interface: Mirroring the functionality of traditional touch panels, Virtual Touch is intuitively user-friendly, requiring no instructions for first-time users.
  • Minimal latency: The patented prediction algorithm of VTouch ensures almost instant response times.
  • Hygienic touchless control: With no physical contact required, the technology eliminates the risk of contamination, ensuring a clean and safe interface.
  • Accessible distance control: This feature allows individuals, including those in wheelchairs or of shorter stature, to effortlessly control areas at the top of the screen, which would typically be out of reach.
  • Simple installation: Compatibility with the HID protocol facilitates easy USB plug-and-play connection with various client devices.

Find out more in the video interview below.