SKYTED at CES 2024

On the third day of CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood had a conversation with Gauthier from SKYTED to discuss the startup's innovative idea of making calls in public, private.

The French startup came to be from a need identified by the CEO, a former Airbus VP, who realised the impracticality of having multiple people making calls in confined spaces like airplanes. Gauthier explained, "Imagine 300 people having a phone call without a mask? That would be terrible."

SKYTED's mission is to therefore improve productivity by enabling phone calls in previously impractical places. The mask allows users to communicate silently and confidentially, enhancing their day-to-day life. It's especially useful in areas like airplanes, trains, and rideshare vehicles, as well as for gamers and government agencies, including the military.

Although SKYTED faces competition from big players, like Panasonic with their Speech Bubble, it differentiates itself with aerospace-based technology. Although currently a prototype, SKYTED aims to finalise its prototype, start production following the Kickstarter campaign, and explore new markets. 

Watch the full interview with Gauthier from SKYTED at CES 2024 below to learn more about their innovative 'silent bubble' mask technology.