Skwheel at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine’s Anna Wood speaks with Skwheel, who is on a mission to recreate the feeling of skiing by developing a fun and unique way to move around.

Skwheel is a Parisian startup that has innovated in the urban mobility space with its Skwheel One electric ski. This product is unique in that it consists of two motorised skis, each featuring a wheel at the front and back, a carbon composite deck, front and rear running lights, a quick-swappable lithium-ion battery, and snowboard-style bindings. The skis are powered by 600-watt hub motors in each wheel, resulting in a total power of 2,400 watts. These electric skis are designed to replicate the experience of downhill skiing, with pneumatic all-terrain tires that allow usage on various surfaces including on- and off-road.

The skis are controlled by a wireless handheld remote, which is used for acceleration, braking, and monitoring the battery life. The Skwheel One can reach a top speed of 80km/h (50mph) on private land, with an electronically limited speed of 25km/h (16mph) for other uses. The skis include an electronic braking system, along with a mechanical emergency brake at the back and a parking brake at the front. Another interesting feature is the remote's ability to clip the skis together, transforming them into a wheeled suitcase for easy transportation.

The Skwheel One skis have a combined weight of 12.5kg (28lb) and offer a range of about 30km (19 miles) on a single charge lasting three hours. They are also IP64 water-resistant, making them resilient against sprays from any direction.