A Founder’s Guide – the art and science of growing up

business mix Limited does two things; we help large organisations operationalise their innovation strategy and, more importantly here, we support startup and SME sized companies with their operational growth. But the sizzle to our sausage is that collaboration is absolutely at the heart of everything we do. We deliver first class services to our clients yes, but we’re a community and network fundamentally. 

With an international network of Associates and Partners, we bring decades of experience in operational growth across key global startup ecosystems. Headquartered in London’s Shoreditch, we look east (the US is a bit crowded to be honest) across the communities and ecosystems, with a clear focus on Israel’s Tel Aviv, India, and South East Asia with an office in Singapore.

This six part series of articles connects our Associate and Partner network and focusses on key areas of relevance for all startup’s and SME’s.  This first article covers the sales pipeline; the lifeblood that can make the difference between success and failure.

Grab a latte/tea/beer/mojito and take a few minutes to read thoughts and opinions from experts in their fields about issues that are faced by all growing companies.