London to Witness Largest-Ever Demo Day for Startups as a VC Conference

Get ready for a seismic shift in the London startup scene. Rare Founders, a leading force in early-stage entrepreneurship, is spearheading the Rarefounders Demo Day, an exclusive investor conference and demo day scheduled for April 22nd in the heart of Mayfair. This game-changing event promises to be the city's biggest-ever gathering of founders and investors, fostering innovation and propelling the next wave of groundbreaking ventures.

Put together by two leading startup communities, with 40 investor partners and 25 community partners, this community of 5000+ founders and investors

Unparalleled Access and Opportunity Await

The Rarefounders Demo Day will bring together a staggering 500 investors and 300 founders under one roof. This unparalleled access creates a dynamic environment brimming with opportunity. Witness the unveiling of the 100 most promising startups, ranging from pre-seed to Series A stage, as they seek funding and forge valuable connections.

While some demo days are more publicly available through online streaming, the team seeks to shift the focus to in-person engagement, an aspect that many young entrepreneurs feel promises better chances of success. There will be multiple stages for presentations, interesting talks and opportunities for investor pitches. 

Recent data from Companies House revealed that 2023 has been a record year for the UK startup community, with 101 new businesses being registered per hour, making the upcoming demo day a highly timely opportunity for emerging leaders to stand out.

A High-Octane Day Packed with Content

Five stages will be pulsating with captivating content throughout the day. Gain invaluable insights from esteemed investor panels, be enthralled by dynamic pitches from the future stars of the startup world and participate in targeted founder sessions designed to empower your entrepreneurial journey.

This event represents a unique opportunity for the investment community. Network with co-investors, peers, and fellow LPs, all while gaining exclusive access to a curated selection of high-potential startups.

Vasily Alekseenko, Founder of Rare Founders and host of The London Startup Scene, states: "This is more than just a demo day; it's a revolution focused on founders. We're shattering the mould of traditional events by offering a dynamic and inclusive platform that amplifies the voices of emerging visionaries."

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Become part of a revolution. Be part of the Rarefounders Demo Day.