The scale-up! World Summit 2024 unveils the most innovative startups applying exponential technologies

Startups are positioned as key players to accelerate the digital transformation of any industry due to their role in the development of solutions that boost business competitiveness.

In this sense, The Scale-Up! World Summit 2024, held in Spain in the framework of DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2024, has given entrepreneurial talent the opportunity to present their innovative solution in front of investors, potential partners in the largest European event dedicated to exponential technologies.

This latest edition of The Scale-Up! World Summit highlighted the most innovative initiatives that are applying digitalisation to advance digital twins, virtual assistants, autonomous drones, and video games.

The Scale-Up! World Summit 2024 top startups

One of the big winners was the startup Hotelverse Technologies, which was awarded a booth and a speaking slot at DES2025 for its innovation in the tourism segment. The company aims to improve the customer experience by hyper-personalising hotel stays through virtual digital twins, allowing customers for the first time to book rooms in a more scalable way to suit their preferences with access to additional services.

This personalisation and transparency in booking translates into a higher conversion rate, with up to 30% improvement for some customers, and 92% of users preferring the new booking experience over the traditional one.

On the other hand, FuVeX has won a speaking slot at DES2025 for its leadership in the deployment of hydrogen-powered net-zero autonomous drones. It is the leading inspection drone company in Spain and one of the few in Europe with a technology capable of solving critical problems such as infrastructure inspection or emergency support.

Along with them, La Salle Technova has also awarded two projects with access to its startup acceleration programme. Thus, AiMA has been distinguished for its virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence that works to improve the experience of patients and health professionals. Its empathic engine removes technological barriers by adapting technology to humanity, collecting direct responses from users, transcribing and translating content for these professionals, helping to make the healthcare sector more efficient.

Finally, one of the prizes also went to OWO, a startup that has revolutionised virtual reality with the development of a haptic second skin that makes video games more immersive, allowing the player to feel a gunshot, the wind, and even a hug from a loved one. Players will now be able to use not only the senses of sight and hearing, but also touch, experiencing real sensations.