Jedsy and Helisul partner to transform delivery services in Brazil

Swiss drone delivery company Jedsy has announced a significant collaboration with Brazilian aviation firm Helisul, poised to revolutionize goods delivery in Brazil. Helisul, known for its comprehensive range of aviation services including air taxi and cargo transportation, has committed to purchasing one glider and three mailboxes from Jedsy as the initial step in their partnership.

To enable large-scale delivery services in Brazil, Jedsy will provide Helisul with all the necessary documentation for ANAC certification, ensuring Helisul's ability to offer extensive delivery services in the country. This process has already commenced with Helisul's acquisition of the first Jedsy drone. Both companies aim to establish a long-term contractual relationship, with Jedsy granting Helisul exclusive rights throughout Brazil.

Upon ANAC certification, Helisul plans to procure over 500 Jedsy Gliders by 2026, constituting a $26 million investment in drone delivery technology. This marks a significant advancement for both companies in their pursuit of a sustainable and efficient future. With an estimated 3,000 drones required to serve the laboratory sector alone, catering to approximately 220 million people in Brazil, Jedsy is well-positioned to capture a substantial share of this market. The collaboration with Helisul will enable Jedsy to expand its global operations and establish itself as a leading provider of drone delivery services in Brazil.

As an initial step, Helisul will deploy Jedsy drones in unpopulated areas, covering distances of up to 60km beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). This achievement showcases Jedsy's commitment to expanding operations and collaborating with key industry players like Helisul to deliver innovative and effective solutions to complex logistical challenges.

Jedsy will provide comprehensive support for country-specific modifications and the integration of essential features and sensors required for ANAC certification. These enhancements may include specially designed redundancies and parachutes, crucial for safe and reliable drone delivery. Furthermore, Jedsy will ensure that Helisul is well-equipped to meet the demands of the Brazilian market by offering full simulator support starting in 2024, as well as education for both pilots and maintenance staff.

This collaboration between Jedsy and Helisul represents a significant stride for the drone delivery industry, paving the way for a sustainable and efficient future. By combining their expertise and experience, Jedsy and Helisul are poised to revolutionize goods delivery in Brazil, offering customers across the country faster, more efficient, and highly reliable delivery options.