The impact of business travel on mental health: recognising & coping with the risks

As fun and rewarding as it is, business traveling can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle.

When traveling, people tend to think less about a healthy diet, sleep less, or don’t get enough exercise. Also, business meetings and conferences often end up with binge drinking large amounts of free alcohol.

According to Harvard Business Review, business travel is connected with depression, anxiety, and even alcoholism.

Staying healthy while traveling isn't hard, but there are certain things and habits worth implementing.

Here is an overview of different strategies for managing stress and maintaining mental wellness during business travel.

Plan ahead

Make a list of everything you need to bring, including any necessary documents such as:

  • your passport
  • travel visa
  • or travel insurance.

Gather all the necessary information about your flights, hotels, and transportation. Confirm all your reservations in advance to avoid any complications.

Pack smart

Pack light and bring only what you need. Bring a smaller bag that can fit under the seat in front of you to avoid having to check your luggage and risk it getting lost.

Think about clothes that can be easily mixed and matched, and worn multiple times. Shampoo, shower gel, and towels will probably be waiting for you at your accommodation.

Use the benefits of private jet chartering

Private jet chartering can offer added convenience, flexibility, and privacy when traveling. Besides that, you’ll avoid crowds at airports, while having all the comfort needed to plan a business meeting.

This way of traveling can help reduce the negative effects of business travel on mental health.

If you are worried about private jet costs you can always consider private jet sharing, search for different departure times, or  “empty legs” to cut the expenses.

Eat healthy and stay active

Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge, but it's definitely possible. Do your research before the trip and find restaurants that serve local food. Try to avoid sugary drinks and alcohol as much as you can. Drink water instead.

If you don’t have time for restaurants, buy a healthy sandwich from the supermarket. Start by choosing whole grain bread, add healthy meat like turkey or chicken, and pile it up with veggies.


You need to take care of yourself to stay healthy while traveling for business. There are ways you can help yourself, but employers should prioritize employee mental health during business travel and invest in education too.

Companies could prioritise employee mental health during business travel. Health and safety should be your top priority — if you are experiencing stress while traveling you should report it to your manager. 

SAP Concur study reveals that in 2022, 91% of business travellers believe flexible travel options are essential to protect their health.

So, don't feel guilty or like a bad employee, do what you must to ensure your health and well-being when traveling for business.