Hadean and Film Soho producing a metaverse-ready Twiggy documentary

Metaverse company, Hadean, is teaming up with film & TV studio, Film Soho, to produce an interactive virtual documentary about the life of iconic British supermodel, Twiggy. Supported by Epic Games, disguise and AWS, the new partnership employs metaverse technology to deliver a photo-realistic interactive experience to a global live audience of fans, while challenging the boundaries of modern filmmaking. 

Directed by award-winning actress and filmmaker Sadie Frost, the documentary’s final scene is being produced live at the Cannes Marché du Film Festival on May 17th, in just 48 hours, using Film Soho’s on-site virtual production stage. The scene will see Twiggy immersed into a photo-realistic virtual recreation of London’s Carnaby Street in the 1960s, built by disguise using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Alongside this, a live virtual experience powered and designed by Hadean makes use of the same Unreal Engine environment as the documentary, engaging users with interactive elements based on Twiggy’s memories of the time.

This uses pixel streaming infrastructure from AWS to make the interactive world instantly accessible through browsers on PC and mobile. Hadean’s technology synchronises Unreal Engine instances on the backend to enable a single shared experience for thousands of globally distributed users at a time.

 The experience also integrates exclusive behind-the-scenes live streams of the filming of the documentary, allowing audiences to witness the setup of Film Soho’s LED Stage, hear direct conversations between the crew and stars, and watch Twiggy film her part of the documentary in the very same virtual environment that they are occupying.

Setting a new precedent for filmmaking, the event aims to demonstrate how bleeding-edge technology is revolutionising how big screen content is produced and experienced. It is the first project that uses metaverse technology to connect and immerse fans into the story and environments of a film during its production phase.

The partnership marks Hadean’s first foray into interactive experiences for media and film, having proven its technology in enterprise, life sciences and gaming.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Film Soho, disguise, AWS and Epic on this exciting project," said Craig Beddis, CEO of Hadean. "Virtual production is the future of filmmaking, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this new way of enabling audience participation in a traditionally one-way industry."

Film Soho added: Film Soho Co -Founder & Director Nick Hamson added: "With our newly installed V-Studios stage it seemed only fitting to introduce this technology into the Twiggy production;  teaming  with Hadean to create this incredible immersive experience is next the level of filmmaking which we are delighted to embrace."