Dragons’ Den success stories of 2024

Dragons' Den serves as a crucial platform for budding entrepreneurs seeking to launch or expand their businesses.

For many entrepreneurs, Dragons' Den is more than just a funding opportunity; it's a chance to validate their business concepts in front of seasoned investors and a national audience. The feedback received, whether positive or negative, can offer critical insights and guidance, helping to refine business models and strategies. Moreover, securing an investment on the show often leads to increased credibility and visibility, which can attract further investment, boost sales, and accelerate business growth.

The importance of Dragons' Den extends beyond the individual entrepreneurs who appear on the show. It plays a significant role in promoting entrepreneurial spirit among viewers, inspiring others to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path. The programme educates the public about the challenges and rewards of starting a business, providing real-world lessons in economics, investment, and perseverance.

Here, Startups Magazine, showcases some of the top success stories of 2024:


REMY founder Abeer Iqbal entered the Den, and despite intense grilling and no investment, left with a six-figure job offer from Peter Jones.

Abeer's pitch began with the Dragon's keen to experience his sleep-enhancing furniture. When Steven and Peter laid on his hero  'The Pod', a reinvention of the beanbag, and under REMY's best-selling 'The Lounger' weighted blankets, the dragons closed their eyes and pretended to snore.

After leaving the Den, Abeer admitted feeling the "most anxious ever" and that he "just wanted to get back to his wife for a hug".  Abeer shared: "I didn't sleep for days, replaying every moment in my mind. I wanted to forget it." But it's not all bad, as Abeer explains: "The anxiety I experienced from the Den gave me a lightbulb moment and led me to create our most popular product yet – The Hugger Pillow. I needed a hug, so I created one".

Kerbo Charge

Kerbo Charge, an EV charging startup, successfully secured investment from sustainability-focused angel investor Deborah Meaden.

The co-founders, Michael Goulden and Ben Whitaker, presented their through-pavement EV charging solution, aimed at revolutionising home charging for EV owners across the UK.

Kerbo Charge is rooted in Goulden and Whitaker's personal frustrations with the current limitations of EV charging options for individuals without access to a driveway. The traditional solution – trailing a charging cable across the pavement – posed not only a safety risk but also inconvenience, marking a significant barrier to EV adoption among residents without off-street parking. Public charging points, while an alternative, come with a higher cost and added time, often being 5x to 10x more expensive than home charging.


Originating from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, entrepreneurs Charlie Gilpin and Sam Moss from East London showcased their nutritious, chef-prepared, award-winning meals, which are conveniently frozen into space-efficient, individually portioned blocks, securing a £50,000 investment from Steven Bartlett for a 6% stake in their business.

Sam highlighted a common freezer dilemma: "We’ve all opened up our freezers to see zip-locked bags filled with god knows what, buried under a pile of freezer-burnt fish fingers, wouldn’t it be great to fill it with useful food that you actually want to eat?" Charlie added: "We make high quality, chef-cooked, award-winning meals with a difference, they’re frozen into handy little blocks."

Sooper Books

These entrepreneurs have made TV history by asking for just £1 in return for a 1% stake in their company – winning over all five Dragons.

Simon Hood and Charlene Mitchell-Hood, married cofounders of Sooper Books, appeared on episode five with their mission to be the world’s best storybook streaming service making reading exciting for children and effortless for parents.

The author-illustrator couple from Stratford-upon-Avon pitched in rhyme to the formidable team of Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett, and Sara Davies, before revealing an original story featuring the  Dragons.

The Dragons were instantly drawn to their ambition and drive, with all five immediately expressing interest in the business.


After being given the title of ‘most masterful pitch’ by the BBC and securing investments from both Gary Neville and Sara Davies on Dragons' Den, Lottie Whyte, Co-Founder of MyoMaster, knows how to successfully sell-in an idea.

Lottie Whyte is no stranger to being bold in business: using her years of communications expertise, and her determination to make MyoMaster the global home of physical optimisation, she gave what has been described as one of the best pitches in Dragons’ Den.


Jayne Sibley successfully secured £125,000 on Dragons' Den for her innovative debit card and mobile app designed for individuals with dementia. Sibley, hailing from Winchester, developed Sibstar while caring for her parents, both of whom were diagnosed with the condition.

Launched in March 2023, the card and app enable families to manage daily expenses safely. Dragons' Den investors Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden supported the venture, stating that it has the potential to "transform lives."

Time O Stat

Anthony Cherry unveiled a thermostat designed primarily for rental properties. Named 'Time O Stat,' this product enables tenants and residents to activate their heating for two hours with a single button press.

For extended heating, another button can be pressed, allowing for up to eight hours of heat, although the temperature will decrease over time. The purpose of the 'Time O Stat' is to cut long-term heating costs by limiting heating to specific durations.