EV charging startup secures investment on Dragons' Den

In a recent episode of BBC's Dragons' Den, Kerbo Charge, an EV charging startup, has successfully secured investment from sustainability-focused angel investor Deborah Meaden.

The co-founders, Michael Goulden and Ben Whitaker, presented their through-pavement EV charging solution, aimed at revolutionising home charging for EV owners across the UK.

Kerbo Charge is rooted in Goulden and Whitaker's personal frustrations with the current limitations of EV charging options for individuals without access to a driveway. The traditional solution – trailing a charging cable across the pavement – posed not only a safety risk but also inconvenience, marking a significant barrier to EV adoption among residents without off-street parking. Public charging points, while an alternative, come with a higher cost and added time, often being 5x to 10x more expensive than home charging.

Kerbo Charge's solution, showcased in episode 7, season 21 of Dragons' Den, offers a seamless through-pavement charging channel. This design allows residents to insert their charging cable safely and efficiently into a self-closing channel, effectively eliminating any tripping hazards and ensuring a tidy and unobtrusive finish that accommodates the unique character of the UK's pavements.

Deborah Meaden, recognising the potential impact of this solution on the UK's charging infrastructure and its alignment with sustainability goals, invested £50k in Kerbo Charge. The investment is earmarked to support the rollout of the product across the UK, building on the current momentum of live trials in eight local authorities and several more in development stages.

Meaden highlighted the timely nature of Kerbo Charge's solution, pointing out the looming challenge local authorities face in providing accessible and cost-effective charging options. With legislative and financial support increasingly available for such innovations, Kerbo Charge is positioned at the forefront of addressing the practical challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles.

Beyond the immediate benefits of facilitating easier home charging, Kerbo Charge's vision extends to becoming a significant British export success story. The co-founders aspire to see their charging solution adopted in cities worldwide, particularly benefiting residents without off-street parking. This ambition aligns with the broader goal of accelerating the transition to clean vehicles by making EV charging more accessible and affordable.

Ben Whitaker, reflecting on the experience, expressed optimism that the Dragons' support would bolster efforts to secure further approvals from local authorities and convince homeowners of the viability of at-home EV charging.