DeepL Write now includes Spanish and French to enhance global business communication

DeepL, a global language AI company, has expanded its AI writing assistant, DeepL Write, to include Spanish and French. Initially supporting English and German, the addition of these two major languages enhances its service for global businesses, enabling them to maintain consistent, on-brand communication while retaining their unique voice.

"We hear time and time again that clear and effective written communication can be a problem for our customers in business, even in their native language, which was the impetus for DeepL Write. Businesses globally, including those in French- and Spanish-speaking countries, are realising the importance of not only translating copy, but also having well-articulated text when communicating with their local customers, which is where Write comes into play. We even heard of users translating copy into a random language and translating it back to get the improved nuance from DeepL Translate, which was our lightbulb moment when developing DeepL Write,” says Jarek Kutylowski, DeepL's Founder and CEO.

Industry research shows that poor writing costs businesses billions annually. A Forbes survey of 1,000 US office workers revealed that poor communication negatively impacted productivity for 49% of respondents, job satisfaction for 50%, and increased stress levels for 42%.

DeepL Write Pro aims to address these issues, leveraging in-house large language models (LLMs) to improve written communication. It provides real-time suggestions for word choice, phrasing, and grammar, tailored to "simple, business, academic, or casual" styles. This helps users articulate more effectively, enhancing both internal and external business relationships.

DeepL Write Pro's key strength is its ability to enhance communication, regardless of language proficiency, empowering users to find the perfect words for any situation. It also offers advanced security features, including TLS encryption and text deletion for maximum data security.

“Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding Portuguese and Italian to DeepL Write Pro before the end of 2024. Making our writing solution available to our customers in Brazil, Portugal and Italy, will enable them to take their written communications to the next level both internally and externally" Kutylowski added. 

Since its inception in 2017, DeepL has become a preferred Language AI provider for various industries, including manufacturing, legal, retail, healthcare, technology, and professional services. Its specialised Language AI platform addresses communication challenges ranging from internal communications to customer support and international market expansion. Unlike general-purpose AI systems, DeepL’s tailored translation and writing solutions provide precise translations and reduce the risk of errors and misinformation.