DeepL Expands Globally, Introducing Language AI to 165 New Markets

DeepL has unveiled the global launch of its business translation solution, DeepL Pro, expanding to 165 new markets across APAC, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Antarctic regions and territories.

This significant expansion reflects DeepL’s response to the growing demand for its specialised AI solutions among businesses. Currently, over 100,000 businesses and governments, including Nikkei, Deutsche Bahn, and Zendesk, depend on DeepL’s Language AI platform to enter new markets, enhance customer service, and lower translation and localisation costs.

“More and more companies are exploring the potential of AI and are looking for technology that delivers real value and ROI. DeepL goes beyond being a cutting-edge AI company – we’re building AI that delivers tangible, proven benefits for a variety of important language use cases ranging from internal operations to customer service,” said Jarek Kutylowski, CEO and Founder, DeepL. “Our mission is to break down language barriers for businesses worldwide. This worldwide expansion marks a pivotal step towards realising this vision, enabling us to reshape and transform how global businesses operate and grow.”

Demand for AI solutions among global businesses is surging, with 42% of enterprises actively deploying AI and 40% exploring its potential. In this rapidly evolving landscape, DeepL is at the forefront, revolutionising the $67.9 billion language industry and establishing itself as the Language AI provider of choice across various sectors, including manufacturing, legal, retail, healthcare, technology, and professional services.

DeepL's specialised Language AI platform, featuring its DeepL Pro subscription service, has become an essential investment for global businesses. It addresses a wide range of language-related challenges, from internal communications and customer support to international market expansion. Unlike general-purpose AI systems, DeepL’s advanced language solutions utilise AI models specifically tuned for language, ensuring more accurate translations for diverse use cases and minimising the risk of hallucinations and misinformation. In the realm of business translation and writing, where accuracy is crucial, specialised AI models are the most reliable and preferred solution for enterprises worldwide.

With a DeepL Pro subscription, businesses gain access to the company’s world-class translation services – specialised for language – that deliver unparalleled accuracy and human-like fluency. Key DeepL Pro benefits include:

  • Best-in-class data security: all data is deleted after processing, for maximum customer privacy. Pro texts are never shared with third parties or used to train DeepL's AI. Additionally, DeepL operates in one of the strictest regulatory environments in the world and complies with all GDPR regulations concerning data protection, data privacy, and the transfer of personal data, along with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II compliance. 
  • Unlimited text translation: companies with high-volume translation needs can rely on DeepL Pro's unlimited text translation to easily and effectively meet their demands.
  • Unparalleled translation quality: DeepL’s translation solutions are supported by proprietary, specialised AI models specifically designed for language and translation use-cases, resulting in more precise translations compared to general models. DeepL also incorporates human feedback from language experts to ensure superior quality.
  • Advanced personalisation: maintain consistent brand messaging and streamline communication with DeepL Pro's expanded personalisation features.
  • Enhanced document translation capacity: DeepL Pro allows for the translation of larger files while preserving the original formatting—helping businesses handle their document translation needs with ease.
  • Seamless integration with DeepL API: with a DeepL API Pro subscription, organisations can effortlessly translate websites, apps, internal products, and more, facilitating flawless multilingual communication at scale.

DeepL’s Language AI platform is also proven to drive significant cost savings and efficiencies. A 2024 Forrester study revealed that the use of DeepL delivered 345% ROI for global companies, reducing translation time by 90% while driving a 50% in workload reduction – underscoring the power of its platform for businesses looking to grow their revenue and to enter new markets faster and at scale.