Aerospace Xelerated Demo Day round up

Aerospace Xelerated is a three-month, funded accelerator for software startups capable of moving the aerospace industry forward. It is interested in innovative startups within the assured autonomy, autonomous navigation, generative design, smart maintenance, adaptive learning and reduced workload areas. The programme is open to startups around the world.

The virtual Aerospace Xelerated Demo Day took place on the 31st March, giving its third cohort a chance to showcase their startups.

Here, Startups Magazine outlines the 10 startups that make up Aerospace Xelerated’s third cohort.

Kicking the event off, Sir Martin Donnelly, President of Boeing Europe and Managing Director of Boeing UK and Ireland explained the companies within the cohort are paving the way for the industry. Martin added: “I am Proud to work with tremendous companies over the last three cohorts of Aerospace Xelerated.”


Developing hardware and software solutions, Pegasus is solving the most complex public safety challenges facing industry and government. Challenges such as wildfires and natural disasters are outpacing decision-maker’s ability to respond based on receiving limited information.

To solve this problem, Pegasus designs and manufactures unmanned aircraft and safety sensor systems to enable data collection at scale.

LexX Technologies

LexX uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to empower aircraft maintenance technicians to bring their data, knowledge and experience together in one solution.

This is solving the problem faced by technicians of aircraft maintenance data and records being stored across different disparate systems. It is time consuming and tedious for technicians at the scene of maintenance on the flight line.

LexX guides the technician at all stages of the process, providing advanced troubleshooting capabilities to enable rapid fault resolution.

Flare Bright

Flare Bright builds complex simulation models of the entire 3D aerial environment, all types of unmanned aircraft that fly in them and uses machine learning integrated with this to solve routing, planning and optimisation problems.

It delivers aerospace software and evaluation capabilities with its machine learning driven digital twinning technology.

The Airline Pilot Club

The Airline Pilot Club is addressing three key problems: challenges around the strategic supply of safe pilots to the global aircraft fleet, poor diversity and variable quality of student pilots entering the industry, and variable quality of training provided by the global flying school training system.

The Airline Pilot Club combines quality assurance of the student through psychometric assessments, with quality assurance of the flying schools and into the pilot career.


A key priority for programme leaders is the need to accelerate vehicle development lifecycle while reducing technical risk. Axion is an AI-powered management platform for programme and quality leaders to accelerate programme lifecycle and enhance quality.


Seidr is a virtual learning and testing environment for crisis situations. It uses immersive technology to generate novel conditions in safe-to-fail environments meaning plans and learning can be validated within evolving situations.


There is a video data overload blocking the development of fully autonomous AI pilots and the development of the metaverse.

Neurobotx has built an AI pilot training platform, allowing for optimised co-training of humans and AI pilots.

It allows corporations to monetise their data by co-training human and AI pilot in the metaverse, with the aim of building the ultimate AI pilot, using data from thousands of human pilots to push level five autonomy past regulators and into mass production faster.


It is no secret that flight delays due to unplanned maintenance are frequent, causing significant disruption in the aerospace industry.

Amygda is a data-driven observability and explainability platform used for smart maintenance and servitisation use-cases to increase reliability, availability and sustainability of high-value assets.


The industry is transitioning to a new manufacturing paradigm introduced by Additive Manufacturing. The complexity of the designs that can be 3D printed exceeds the complexity of current engineering designs, still constrained by human experience and by the limitations imposed by old manufacturing techniques.

TOffeeAM is a SaaS company, providing a fully integrated cloud-based design platform for advanced manufacturing.

Drones have proven their capacity to reduce cost and improve safety in industry over the last 10 years. Until now, regulations have required pilots to be onsite, making drone operations difficult and expensive to scale. is building an advanced, connected, autonomous command and control solution to enable safe and scalable unmanned flight in even the most challenging circumstances.