5 reasons why startups are masters at doing their own PR

As a startup business, building trust, credibility and awareness is absolutely crucial and ongoing media coverage is an effective way in achieving this.

To put it simply, PR means ‘public relations’. It’s the process of communicating with the public through the vehicle of the press to promote your brand and create a positive image. 

Whether you’ve tipped your toes in PR in the past or never done any before, maintaining a consistent PR strategy in-house is easier than you think - plus, it comes with a range of great benefits

In this PR Dispatch explore five reasons why startups should consider doing their own PR. 

DIY PR is more cost-effective

PR agencies typically charge 2K and upwards each month due to the work and logistics involved and if someone approaches you charging less, you should ask yourself why. A long-term PR strategy drives the best results, so you want to commit for 12 months minimum for your best chance of seeing coverage.

While there are many great agencies out there, you don't need to hire an agency to get results - in fact, you can get the same results doing PR yourself. 

PR Dispatch can vouch for this, with over 400 brands gaining amazing pieces of coverage for their product based e-commerce businesses every week.

Managing PR in-house, you are better financially positioned to invest in PR on a long-term basis. 

You have control over messaging

As a startup founder, you know your product/service and story inside out, so who’s better to communicate that to journalists, than you?

Whether you reach out to the press yourself, or allocate it to a member of your team, PR allows you to tell your story in your own words, which is crucial when it comes to creating connections with your target audience. 

Despite the unstable economic climate, online shopping continues to dominate. People are increasingly looking to buy directly from the brands they love, and this presents an incredible opportunity for startups. Smaller businesses often have a personal story behind their founding, which is compelling to press and consumers alike.

A study by Rare Consulting found that 87% of UK consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a brand that makes them feel emotionally connected. They want to get to know you and the people behind the business and PR is an effective way of showing that human side of your brand. 

Whether it’s an interview piece, a podcast, a founder Q&A or a meet-the-maker spotlight, profile press allow you to effectively communicate your messaging, story and journey to your audience.

Personal touch

From our 24 years of combined PR experience, we know that pitching to the press directly as opposed to through a third party also helps startups to build invaluable relationships with the press. With no agency involved, you can directly pitch your founder story to editors and journalists, which can often lead to more personalised and authentic coverage.

Additionally, by developing relationships with editors, you are able to gain valuable insights and feedback on your products or services, which can lead to more features over time, 

Startups are agile

By doing your own PR you can respond to press enquiries and opportunities more quickly, without having to wait for approval from a PR agency.

PR Dispatch has seen startups with smaller and more agile teams succeed with press requests and pieces of press covering new trends as they are sometimes better equipped to respond and quickly adapt, as all the information is at hand. 

Larger businesses often have complex decision-making processes that involve multiple layers of management and approval. This can slow down their ability to pivot and make it more difficult for them to respond to changes in the market quickly and adapt to new opportunities.

A unique learning opportunity

DIY PR can be a valuable learning opportunity for both startup founders and team members. It will help you to understand the media landscape, gain industry insights and stay one step ahead of the competition.