UpFiner at CES 2024

Startup Magazine’s Anna Wood had the chance to speak with UpFiner at CES 2024, a French startup specialising in smart anti-theft and tracker devices.

UpFiner and its team's mission is to help people never lost what matter to them. To meet this mission they created UpLock, a small, secured case with motion detection, integrated alarm, and geolocation. Passport, money, watches, jewellery, whatever you don’t want to lose, is what Upfiner aims to protect. If the trunk is misplaced or stolen, then the UpLock will notify you immediately so that action can be taken.

The trunk comes with a variety of features such as: a 1-click locking system, alerts, hands-free authentication, geolocation, configuration settings, resistance to the elements, and many more.

Find out more about UpFiner’s mission and product in the video below.