Two-thirds of UK workers say workplace has no anti-discrimination policies

DEJI Digital, a subsidiary of UK-based talent firm Green Park focused on creating diverse and equitable workplaces, disclosed that two-thirds of UK employees report the absence of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies at their workplace.

Furthermore, 73% of UK workers have expressed that their management fails to promote a culture of respect and inclusivity in the workplace.

The full findings of the company’s research, created in collaboration with survey provider Opinium and drawn from 1257 respondents, are as below:

  • 66% of UK workers say workplace has no anti-discrimination or anti-harassment policies
  • 68% have no clear and easy pathways to report discrimination of harassment
  • 70% do not have supportive resources (e.g. counselling services)
  • 73% say their leadership does not foster respect of others and inclusivity
  • 75% report workplace has no training sessions to combat bias and teach professional conduct

The concerning statistics emerge amid significant political and corporate discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DE&I) budgets. Notably, last year saw the Chancellor and the Health Secretary advocating for the elimination of diversity manager roles within the Government and NHS, respectively. Concurrently, major corporations like Google and Meta have declared reductions in their DE&I initiatives as businesses worldwide seek to cut expenses.

This situation is unfolding as the Labour Party recently declared its intention, should it come to power, to extend the existing rights to equal pay for women to also include black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) workers for the first time.

In reaction, DEJI Digital, a subsidiary of Green Park, is developing an inclusive, scalable, and cost-effective AI coach. This digital tool aims to equip managers with the essential tools, resources, and training needed for engaging in meaningful and empathetic interactions with diverse teams. Scheduled for release later this year, this innovation is expected to lower traditional training costs by 20%.

Bontle Senne, Co-Founder and CEO at DEJI Digital, commented: “Whether through unintentional bias, misunderstanding of cultural nuances, or lack of awareness about inclusion and diversity, this research shows that gaps in communication and understanding are leading to a hostile work environment and hindering UK employee’s growth and satisfaction. Unfortunately, most managers have not received adequate training in DE&I and current tools can be ineffective or inaccessible for continuous, real-time support. It is well-documented that diverse leadership leads to increased profitability and, at a time where DE&I budgets are under threat, companies must look to innovative solutions to ensure their bottom lines are not affected.”