TranscribeGlass at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood met with TranscribeGlass, who is building the world's first all-day wearable subtitles for hearing loss, which affects nearly half a billion people.

TranscribeGlass delivers a comfortable wearable assistive technology device for d/Deaf, hard of hearing, elderly, and other people who want to improve their comprehension of spoken communication using real-time captions.

The glasses will display closed captions from any source on a transparent display within your field of vision, creating a natural way to follow along with conversation. The product is optimised for cost-efficacy, has a target wight of under 30g/1oz to ensure comfort, and gives users customisation of software and captioning. The product can be readily applied to empty frames, or prescription glasses.

TranscribeGlass also offers the TranscribeGlass companion app, which allows you to connect to any caption source, save conversation transcripts, stream captions in real-time, and configure caption formats.

Learn more about the product and TranscribeGlass in the below interview!