On day one of ISE 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood talked to Zoe from THINKSO, a pioneering company at the forefront of designing integrated systems for teaching and conference environments.

Zoe introduced THINKSO's flagship product, a versatile teaching desk designed to cater to the needs of both speakers and attendees. "This is our pride," Zoe remarked, highlighting the desk's integrated system that allows for adjustments tailored to individual preferences. The desk features a pull-up screen, enabling users to set it to their desired height, and includes a dedicated space for coffee or tea lovers to place their cups. Made from highly durable ABS plastic, the product exemplifies THINKSO's attention to quality and functionality.

THINKSO has launched its second-gen products, including intuitive adjustments for height, ensuring the desk can be customised. Moreover, the inclusion of an integrated control panel simplifies the user experience, allowing for effortless management of projectors, volume, and class recording with a few taps.

Although there exists other high-end product suppliers competition, THINKSO's unique tries to differentiate itself due to its focus on quality and innovation. "We still have like a really one-on-one in competitors, but our scale is more or higher," Zoe explained.

To discover more about THINKSO's revolutionary teaching desk and their vision for the future of educational technology, watch the full interview with Zoe from THINKSO at ISE 2024 below.