Ta-da unveils the platform for collecting and annotating data via blockchain

Ta-da, a French startup developed by Vivoka, a player in voice recognition and offline AI, has unveiled its data collection platform.

This platform harnesses volunteer-generated data, integrating AI and blockchain technology. Set to officially launch on February 9, it operates on MultiversX, a scalable, secure, and decentralised blockchain network. Following this launch, Ta-da plans to announce a fundraising initiative to amass $3.5 million, aimed at supporting its international expansion.

Positioning itself as the premier global platform for collecting verified, specific, reliable, and fairly priced data, Ta-da leverages blockchain to ensure accuracy and fairness. Accessible on both Android and iOS, the platform processes and verifies large volumes of data through unique mechanisms, supported by a rapidly expanding global user base of over ten thousand people. Impressively, Ta-da handles over 100,000 tasks daily, reaching up to 2 million tasks in a fortnight.

In response to market demand, Ta-da is raising $3.5 million. This funding will enable the startup to implement its global marketing strategy and undertake extensive recruitment to bolster its growth.

Unique in its operation, Ta-da, built on MultiversX, is one of only two projects selected for xLaunchpad this year, launching on February 9.

William Simonin, Chairman of Ta-da and Co-Founder of Vivoka, states: “With Ta-da, we want to provide a relevant response to companies that use AI and need data to advance their AI models. Ta-da is positioning itself in a growing market that is not yet mature, all while providing an innovative and transparent vision. By supporting us in our fundraising, our investors support our project and show the confidence they have in us to deploy our strategy.”

Ta-da's application relies on a user community to qualify and verify data. This community consists of "collectors" and "verifiers", ensuring no data reaches companies without thorough verification. The pricing for these services is dynamically set based on supply and demand between the company and the user community.

Aimed at businesses, Ta-da also caters to individual interests. The startup taps into a user community to gather and verify all data types, from general to ultra-specific. This automated production process guarantees qualitative data at fair prices, with complete transparency and traceability.

The globally distributed user community enjoys numerous benefits, notably receiving compensation for completing micro-tasks. The blockchain's application in Ta-da promises complete transparency in the often-opaque data remuneration market for its user community.