Smart wearable device combats hair loss

niostem, a German healthtech startup, is ready to shake-up a rather static industry that has not seen any major innovation for the past 30 years.

The company is launching a smart wearable device that uses stem cell reactivation technology to combat hair loss by regenerating dormant hair stem cells.

For this, niostem has pioneered the usage of bioelectrical stimulation that reactivates hair follicle growth, which is ultimately responsible for hair growth.

The scientific evidence is striking and within six months testers were able to increase hair density by 19.3% with increase hair thickness over 9.1%, which is 6x better than leading hair loss drugs.

The smart wearable is designed for daily use of just 30 minutes a day and is even ideal for people with hectic lives as the app serves reminders about the usage and supports the user throughout the regrowth journey.

“We are proud to finally launch our product after so many years of research. This will be a game changer for people struggling with self-confidence because of a balding head,” said Co-Founder of niostem, Dr. Carlos Chacón.

Pre-orders can be placed through the official website of niostem. Interested customers can secure a 27% discount before the official launch in July 2024. However, the team from niostem pointed out that the deal is limited to a few hundred units only.

“We are confident that our wearable will transform millions of lives to the better and be a real game changer in how wearable tech is shaping our daily lives,” said Co-Founder of niostem, Emil Aliev.