Palmplug at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Startups Magazine's Anna Wood met with Palmplug, a tech startup making strides in the wearables sector.

Its latest product, the Palmplug One, is a compact glove, equipped with sensors on each finger for hand tracking and haptic feedback, along with multi-colour LED lights that provide visual cues to the user.

The Palmplug One stands out for its ability to help stroke patients regain mobility. Its high-fidelity motion sensors are situated on each finger and thumb, with a primary sensor on the wrist. These sensors are interconnected, providing real-time feedback which is particularly beneficial for people with reduced sensory movement. The glove's haptic feedback system, which provides tactile sensations, informs the user when a desired motion is captured, with various vibration responses based on the detected action.

Learn more about the product and PalmPlug in the below interview!