Namecoach Announces “Say My Name” Campaign

Namecoach, the technology company solving name mispronunciation in critical settings, announced its “Say My Name” campaign, a strategic initiative to enlist two million new users committed to promoting inclusivity and respect in educational and corporate settings.

To achieve this goal, Namecoach will be selecting new institutions and organisations through several initiatives in 2024 to provide access to the tool for improving name pronunciation. The primary purpose of this initiative is to enhance interpersonal relationships by ensuring every individual feels valued, respected, and acknowledged through the correct pronunciation of their names. Namecoach will also be including new Namebadge users in the 2 million user goal.

With many academic institutions and business entities facing budget constraints, it can be challenging for organisations to fund software solutions with future-focused bottom-line implications. The “Say My Name” campaign enables these organisations to experience the value first-hand and see the impact it has on their organisation as a whole.

Offering groundbreaking features that capitalise on powerful AI technologies to provide novel and engaging pronunciation experiences that empower users to communicate more thoughtfully, accurately, and inclusively, Namecoach provides novel and engaging pronunciation experiences that cultivate real-world connections.

“In a world where the respect for individual identity is more critical than ever, the 'Say My Name' campaign is our commitment to eliminating the barriers of name mispronunciation in educational and corporate environments,” said Praveen Shanbhag, CEO of Namecoach. “This initiative is a testament to our belief that when people's names are pronounced correctly, it lays the foundation for meaningful relationships and a respectful community. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on two million new users and the broader communities they represent.”

The "Say My Name" campaign is open to all educational institutions and corporate organisations who have not yet used Namecoach, regardless of size or location. The campaign aims to collaborate with organisations that recognise the significant benefits of implementing Namecoach within their communities.

Participating organisations will be selected through interactions at upcoming conferences. Interested parties are encouraged to visit our booth or table at these events.

Winners will be selected after each conference, and they will be notified the following week.