Mind Data closes £200,000 Pre-Seed Round to Transform Mental Health Insights

Mind Data, an innovative mental health data analytics startup, has announced the successful completion of its pre-seed funding round, raising more than £200,000 from angel investors.

This investment will fuel the development of Mind Data's cutting-edge platform, enabling universities and companies to capture real-time data on mental health and gain actionable insights for improving the wellbeing of students, employees, and customers.

Mind Data's unique platform offers anonymised and aggregated thematic analysis of journal entries, covering a wide range of topics such as mental health, work-life balance, and overall wellbeing. By revolutionising the way organisations understand and support mental health, Mind Data empowers them to drive positive change and measure return on wellbeing investments. Notably, Mind Data's platform can provide valuable insights into the experiences of marginalised or minority groups, ensuring their wellbeing is supported.

Sean Ruane, Founder and CEO of Mind Data, expressed his excitement about the funding: "We're thrilled to secure this pre-seed funding which will help us further develop our technology and expand our reach. I’m incredibly grateful to our investors who share our passion for transforming mental health support, and we look forward to working together to make a meaningful impact on people's lives."

As mental health awareness grows, Mind Data's groundbreaking data analysis approach is set to significantly impact universities, companies, and organisations. With its cutting-edge platform and dedicated team, Mind Data aims to change the conversation around mental health, empowering organisations to better support their communities with meaningful data.