Meet the startup with the world’s tallest autonomous robot

In the rapidly evolving landscape of logistics and warehouse management, startups have been garnering attention for their groundbreaking approaches to transforming warehouse operations through technology. One of these startups is Dexory, a company paving the way for AI and robotics to completely transform logistics.

Founded by Andrei Danescu, Oana Jinga, and Adrian Negoita, Dexory has an initial focus on retail spaces and airports, before pivoting to warehouse management during the pandemic. The company's shift was driven by the demand for more efficient ways of managing large-scale warehouse operations, which can range from 100,000 to one million sq ft.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the entire supply chain have to shift and pivot to become more efficient, as the demand for faster shipping, and increase in ecommerce, meant the sector needed to evolve. Companies like Dexory were able to advance and meet this growing demand at a time of need.  

The Dexory way

Dexory offers an all-in-one solution, combining both hardware and software, to gather real-time inventory data. This is achieved using an intuitive ‘digital twin’ platform and analytics. Its technology promises significant benefits including a 10x return on investment within 12 months, 99.9% inventory accuracy, and the potential recovery of up to £1 million in revenue annually​​.

DexoryView, its flagship software platform, conducts comprehensive warehouse scans approximately 100 times faster than traditional methods. It serves as a digital replica of the physical warehouse, enhancing both management and performance optimisation​​​​. A key aspect of Dexory’s strategy is this emphasis on digital twins within warehousing and logistics. These digital replicas are crucial for achieving greater operational efficiency and complete supply chain integration. This approach aligns with the current trend in warehouse management of data-led intelligence.

On its website, Dexory describes its robot: “With an array of high quality cameras and sensors, our robot autonomously navigates your warehouse to capture high definition 3D scans of the space as well as any labels and barcodes on pallets, parcels or products, with the ability to scan warehouses of any shape or size and up to 15m high.”

Dexory's adoption of robotics in logistics is a testament to the transformative power of this technology. By 2025, the integration of robotics is expected to lead to up to a 40% reduction in logistics costs and a 25% to 70% increase in productivity. This evolution is not just about cost-saving; it's a forward-looking approach that ensures resilience and competitiveness in the logistics landscape​​. In an interview with Yahoo News, the startup claimed its robot “is the world’s tallest autonomous robot — ‘unofficial, but it’s still a record.’”


Dexory stands as a beacon of innovation in warehouse management. With its cutting-edge technology, and strategic focus on digital twins, Dexory is not just shaping the future of warehousing, but is also setting a new standard for efficiency and intelligence in the logistics sector.