Li.LAC at ISE 2024

On day one of ISE 2024, Anna Wood from Startups Magazine spoke with Pepe from Li.LAC about their innovative microphone disinfector, which has become the new standard in microphone hygiene.

Born from the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, Li.LAC addresses concerns around shared microphone use.

Pepe explained, "Before COVID, we weren't taking care about that... But now, we really care." Li.LAC's product uses ultraviolet light to effectively disinfect microphones, boasting a 99% efficiency rate. While initially popular during the pandemic, its relevance continues as hygiene awareness persists. Li.LAC, unique in the market without direct competitors, has gained traction with renowned artists and tours globally.

Pepe highlighted, "It's been used with big artists, tours, for example, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Beyonce," demonstrating its widespread acceptance.

Li.LAC's journey and its impact on the entertainment industry stands to be a big one. Watch the full conversation below for more insights into Li.LAC's innovative technology.