How to thrive as a creator in the passion economy

When you are doing something really well, people immediately think it’s easy. A pro-golfer nailing that hole-in-one, a dancer seemingly suspended in the air - real excellence looks effortless.

“I could do that”, we think, watching a TikTok shot from a Bangkok rickshaw, a seemingly casual Rocket League game, or a YouTube vlog about an outer Hebrides bicycle tour. But just like there are hours of hard work behind that perfect swing, the successful creator spends a lot of time and effort making something worth your while. 

The term “creator” was actually coined by YouTube in 2011 to better describe the talented entrepreneurs producing content for the channel - and to avoid “YouTube Star”, which frankly nobody thought was a good idea. As mystifying as the moniker is to older generations, a creator is just that - a creative entrepreneur. And despite the fact that we think they have it easy, creators are now the hallowed celebrities of Gen Z.

In this Passion Economy era, there are over 50 million of them worldwide, all with different interests and preferred digital platforms. To create what appears as effortless success, they need to utilise the same skill sets, put in the same hours, and face the same pitfalls as any other budding entrepreneur -  and must be just as careful with their time and effort. 

Avoid the yes-trap

Any entrepreneur would recognise that when you are doing what you love, every new project has the potential to be the next big thing, and it can be very hard to say no. But there is a limit to how much you can do well. The best way to stay sane is to avoid overpromising, and always prioritise quality over quantity. As Warren Buffet put it: "The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." 

Grow your network

No matter how many followers or likes, all entrepreneurs need a professional context to draw strength from. Reaching out to other creatives, to groups and individuals who do similar things to you, is always a good idea. Getting and sharing expert advice on creating high quality content, or acquiring the newest digital tools and the best creator tech stack - it can all be achieved by making connections and building a supportive professional network. 

Focus on why you started

If you do start feeling overwhelmed, go back to the initial idea - what made you choose this in the first place? Are you still doing what you love, or have you strayed too far from the path? This is meant to be your passion, so why is it starting to feel like a chore? Sometimes, going back to basics is the best way forward, re-evaluating where you are and prioritising the work that is aligned with your purpose. 

Although perhaps not as easy as it looks to the uninitiated, being able to monetise what you love, and work from wherever and whenever, is a pretty amazing way of making a living. Technological advances provide the tools we need to truly set us free to live and work on our own terms. Creative entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this, and the possibilities are almost endless in a world where YouTuber, Twitch Gamer, Etsy chess board maker and Newsletter Writer are now viable full-time professions.

But to stay sane in the fast-flowing passion economy, creators - just like all other entrepreneurs - must ensure they set the correct boundaries, stay true to themselves and make use of all the support their extended networks can offer. 

If it looks easy, you can be sure they’re nailing it. 

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Startup Details

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