How can the right chatbot help charities?

Live chat chatbot systems have been evolving since the early days of the internet. However, their popularity and widespread availability started to increase significantly in the mid to late 2000s as businesses began to recognise the value of providing real-time customer support through online channels.

Since then, advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language processing have further enhanced the capabilities and effectiveness of live chat chatbot systems.

However, not all providers have understood the importance of getting this communication method right. Too often Chatbots are seen as a way of capturing potential new customer details quickly to contact them when it suits the business to do so. Or, as with many banks’ versions, they send the user around in a never-ending circle of incorrect answers thus only reducing the benefit of their existence and increasing the users' frustration.

That is where EasiChat is different. At EasiChat we understand the importance of effective communication, especially at a time when a business may be closed or otherwise unavailable and yet your target audience wishes to interact with you.

We have built a blended solution that seamlessly combines the effectiveness of an AI Chatbot with the empathy of human touch. No more so is this evident than with the charities who use it.

One example of this is Kenward Trust, Kent's alcohol and drug rehabilitation and resettlement centre.

Many people who need help find it difficult to reach out, especially by telephone. They often need an immediate level of support so an email or contact us form will just not do. Kenward Trust are also finding an increase in self-funders looking for addiction treatment.

After only a few days of going live with EasiChat, Kenward Trust had someone sign-up to their 12-step programme through EasiChat meaning that it has quite literally saved their life. Someone who may never have picked up the telephone to discuss their situation but found comfort in using the AI Chatbot service.

Kenward Trust had no hesitation in sharing their thoughts.

“There is a lot of stigma attached to addiction and getting help for it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to the road of recovery.

We decided to take on EasiChat as a quick route for our target audiences to reach out for help without having to pick up the phone.

EasiChat presents easy steps for our audience to follow to get help or refer people who need addiction support or assisted housing for the homeless. It’s less embarrassing/stressful than picking up the phone.

After lots of content work, which EasiChat helped us create, we launched our chatbot on a Friday, by Sunday evening we already had an enquiry to our 12-step rehab programme… what more could we ask for? This could save a life. Great work all around, what a quick return on investment.

I’d recommend this to any charity or organisation that wants to make their customer journey quicker and more succinct.

And it is not just Charities EasiChat can help. It is the ultimate in customer service communication across all industry sectors. Furthermore, we are looking for investors to help catapult us into the future.