The Estonian data protection startup utilising AI to comply with GDPR requirements

An Estonian startup operating in the data protection field, GDPR Register, is developing an AI-based solution that helps companies escape the time-consuming routine obligations arising from the General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR Register, created by an Estonian startup and developed in cooperation with IT experts, makes complying with GDPR requirements simple and logical, helping companies and institutions efficiently manage processes, operations, and documents associated with GDPR regulation.

Krete Paal, the CEO of the Estonian data protection startup GDPR Register, said that data protection requirements are becoming increasingly complicated in the European Union, and companies' documentation is becoming more extensive. "Data protection has become a very data- and time-intensive field that requires significant resources from companies. At the same time, mistakes made from ignorance or lack of resources can be extremely costly. Therefore, we are the first in Europe to start building AI-based services in the field of data protection, which allows managing data protection documentation with the help of large language models (LLMs)," explained Paal, adding that many GDPR Register clients have already requested such a possibility.

GDPR Register will start creating automatic data protection documents with the help of artificial intelligence, with the first developments being the automation of legitimate interest assessments and data protection impact assessments. "A single company may have dozens of these documents, and their volume can reach tens of pages, which also need constant updating," Paal explained.

For bringing AI-based solutions to market, GDPR Register has been selected for the Tehnopol Startup Incubator AI accelerator.

"I am personally very pleased that in such a male-dominated field, two other companies with female founders can develop their products in this AI accelerator flight, and of course, I am also looking forward to the collaboration with our mentor, who is one of the top figures in the field," said Krete Paal, the head of the data protection startup GDPR Register.

The mentor for the Estonian data protection startup in Tehnopol's AI accelerator is the recognised artificial intelligence expert Otto Mätas. In addition, a special AI-focused training series will help with the creation of innovative products and services during the accelerator, which lasts six months. The startup GDPR Register was selected among ten participants for the Technopol AI accelerator. The startup also receives a €10,000 cash injection for the development of the novel solution.of complications during planned surgeries.