AI-led cardiology solution celebrates €20,000 EIT Venture Award win

A French startup revolutionising cardiology with an AI-powered digital twin of the heart, generated from pre-operative CT and MRI scans, secured a €20,000 reward as the 2024 European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Awards winners were unveiled in Brussels on 20th April.

inHEART leverages artificial intelligence to pinpoint clinical intervention areas before surgery, improving precision medicine and patient outcomes. The technology has aided over 5,000 cardiac patients, streamlining catheter ablation procedures and reducing environmental impact by supplanting single-use mapping catheters.

EIT Health, one of the nine Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) tackling Europe's pressing challenges, supported inHEART in navigating the market's regulatory environment and provided R&D funding, aiding the team's growth and success. This marks another stride for an EIT Health-backed startup in utilising AI to innovate healthcare. With the European Parliament set to vote on the AI Act shortly, EIT Health and its partners are assisting healthcare startups to adapt to a regulated market and rapid technological advancements, foreseeing AI's significant role in future healthcare models.

An upcoming panel at the EIT Health Summit in Rotterdam this April will explore the AI Act's impact on European firms and startups, deliberating on the synergy between regulation and innovation. The Summit will also introduce a pivotal report on implementing the European Health Data Space (EHDS), aiming to enhance EU citizens' digital access to and control over their health data.

inHEART earned third place in the EIT Venture Award category, recognising EIT Community-supported startups that confront societal challenges and promise substantial benefits for citizens, markets, and the European economy at large.

Jean-Marc Peyrat, CTO and Founder of inHEART, said: “EIT Health has been a tremendous support since the early days of inHEART through the different programmes we participated in. It helped us speed up our regulatory journey and R&D programme, especially with financial support enabling us to create jobs and grow the team. EIT Health has also been incredibly supportive by matchmaking with experts and introducing partners.”

He continued: “The Venture Award recognises seven years of hard work by the inHEART team, and crystalises the long-term relationship we have built with EIT Health. We look forward to continuing our work together to bring our solution to patients around the world.”

The EIT Awards started life as the EIT Entrepreneurship Award in 2012. For 12 years, the ceremony has celebrated the achievements of ground-breaking innovators and the teams behind them; showcased the invaluable support provided to start-ups and scale-ups by the EIT Community, Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem; and  collaboration across education, innovation, and business creation.