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LIVE WEBINAR: How to build valuable start-ups

Online Events
James Phipson
  • Date
    Thursday,21 Oct
  • Location
    London - Online Webinar
  • Time
    03:00 PM
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In conversation with James Phipson, MD of Dragon Argent discussing how to futureproof your company structure for investment rounds.

About this event

As a founder, have you stopped to ask yourself what your long-term goals are and what assets drive the value of your business?

If you haven’t, your corporate structure may not support these ambitions and could even slow you down. A company structure should facilitate the ambition of founding teams and protect the intellectual property or assets the value of a business is built on.

The Problem Statement

Too often, entrepreneurs are poorly advised at the point at which a company is formed, creating issues that are time consuming and costly to unravel later. A poorly planned corporate structure can:

  • Be difficult to adapt to changing needs
  • Can fuel risk for investors Increase tax liability
  • Fail to protect founders long term interests

Ultimately, creating barriers that make it harder for founders and entrepreneurs to achieve the long-term objectives they set out with.

The Solution

However, if planned appropriately, creating a future proofed and flexible corporate structure can be straightforward and cost efficient if you consider:

How to protect intellectual property or assets

  • Your likely expansion or joint venture ambitions
  • Future mergers or disposals opportunities

Once a bespoke structure has been agreed the benefits include:

  • Appropriate tax treatment and protection of entrepreneur, EMI and EIS relief status
  • Flexibility to license or create Special Purpose Vehicles to adapt to opportunities and threats
  • Protection of shareholders’ long-term interests
  • Correct treatment of intercompany loans and other accounting considerations

Location: Zoom link will be share via email after registration.


  • 3:00pm - Welcome and Introduction
  • 3:05pm - James Phipson's Talk
  • 3:25pm - Open Q&A
  • 3:55pm - Wrap up and next steps
  • 4:00pm - End session