ZiP launches video dating app to eliminate catfishing

With many UK singletons looking to ‘reset’ their relationship and dating lives, amongst a sea of challenging online behaviour, fake profiles, and inauthentic connection, ZiP Video Dating app has launched with a promise of ‘what you see, is what you get’ - via in-app video profiling designed to combat ‘catfishing’, inaccurate imagery and promote inclusivity and safety.

Whilst the primary goal of most popular dating apps is to keep the user ‘online’ said ZiP Video Dating has been specifically developed to engineer authentic and genuine connections, whether people are looking for romantic relationships, or simply new friendships with those they truly have something in common with. ZiP  recognises that life is about more than just forming relationships but also forming friendships as well. On ZiP,  you can switch to ZiP friendship where you can find those with similar interests and make long-lasting friends.

ZiP is the first-of-its-kind video dating app that utilises proprietary video that enables truly authentic ‘in the moment’ imagery without the user being able to upload anything misleading, filtered, or simply misrepresentative of their true selves. 

The ability to make friends or romantic connections based on hobbies and interests is also an important element of using ZiP , with the focus being on making users comfortable with the information they share and with whom. The app prompts a series of fun questions to answer via video that other users can access to find people with similar outlooks and lifestyles to theirs.

Operating an affordable subscription model, initial users are asked to upload static imagery and then led to record their first in-app 15 second video message, helped with a tutorial and the question prompts, so there is always something to say!

Keeping authenticity at the forefront, the video profile is mandatory, and users cannot access any other users' profiles without completing their own. This negates ‘viewers’ versus those looking for genuine engagement. After 6 months of use, ZiP will prompt a video profile refresh, and deletion of inactive users.

Created by London based ZiP Dating Limited, Founder Dorisa Soudi said: “At ZiP, We share the common goal to establish a dating app that focuses on inclusivity and safety with simple, easy-to-use features. We’re confident that with ZiP, you’ll meet like-minded people and be able to see eye to eye both literally, and figuratively. We are seeing people of all ages lose a sense of true connection - using popular apps to find new friends or relationships has become challenging in so many ways.

"Tales of catfishing, fake profiles and worse are regaled to us from contemporaries of all ages and my own Gen Z family members. In 2022, people are seeking not just connection online, but also safety - the ability to form friendships or find romance without worry, time wasted and more. I created ZiP to bring people together in a truly authentic way, utilising technology that encourages users to truly be themselves online and not fearful of others being something they are not”