Wineapp: The Amazon service for wine

Everyone loves wine don’t they? Well most people do, yet there are two major issues that can cause consternation when it comes to choosing your wine.

One is how to know which wine is the best, and what is going to compliment your meal the most? And more importantly with a new wine – how do you know exactly what it is going to taste like?

Secondly – how much of a pain is it trying to carry multiple bottles home from the shop with you? I have been there and it is not easy!

Well let me introduce you to a new app. Wineapp is the UK’s largest app for on-demand fine wines. At a recent wine tasting event with Wineapp, Rory Cramsie, Consumer Account Director at Axicom, explained that Wineapp was created to make buying wine easier for everyone.

Making it easier in two ways:

  • Eliminating confusion around taste
  • Removing the pain that is carrying the wine home

Rory started by saying: “Wine can be confusing, especially when you want to try new wines. Despite having a higher value, basket shoppers spend over three times longer looking and deciding on wine than any other product.”

So Wineapp decided to do something to try and solve these problems and was founded on four key pillars:

  • Convenience – Offering 20 minute delivery in some areas in London, speed is definitely a key.
  • Expertise – Wine technology and experts that educate and guide you on the products.
  • Variety – Wineapp has a huge selection, with over 550 fine wines and over 300 craft beers, plus specialist spirits and artisanal foods.
  • Quality – Restaurant-level fine wine, at retail prices.

Taking a closer look at the app, it focuses on UI (user interface) to inform and empower. This is achieved through the explore functionality on the app. The section allows you explore and chose the wines you’ll love with confidence.

The app also uses filters so you can look at food pairings – to give you the optimum experience and get the right wine for your food, origin so you can read a little background information on your wine and how it was created, and finally taste preferences and body of the wine.


Wineapp also has a review section, so you can hear from others – including both everyday consumers and experts. The app also includes review videos which again includes both experts and regular users giving in-depth tasting notes and more information.

Having launched back in 2019, total users is currently at around 130,000, and with this the total number of bottles delivered to date stands at 256,000. The app has seen enormous growth with quarter on quarter sales growth at 120%.

Not only this, but Rory explained that customers who have used Wineapp have clearly enjoyed the experience as they have a high retention rate with 81% of customers returning, and further to this, 28% of customers are on their tenth order or more.

“Wineapp uses machine learning to specifically help customers pair wines and tastes through technology. This is important as we want customers to have easy access to the wine they like, and it can be difficult to know yourself.”

Janina Doyle, Wineapp In-House Sommelier and Wine Educator, gave the wine tasting and talked us through some of her favourite wines from certain regions. Talking about Wineapp she said: “It’s like the Amazon for wine, with a next day delivery service, which is 30-minutes guaranteed in London - you couldn’t get the wine any quicker yourself.”

If you are into your wine, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, Wineapp provides the quality and ease everyone is looking for in 2021, especially in the more recent times when getting to the shops has not been as easy.

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UK's largest app for wine on-demand. Over 800 fine wines, spirits & craft beers delivered in 30-40 minutes to your door.

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