Why startups need quality cybersecurity

When you’re heading up a startup, it can be understandable to think that, for now, some of the things your firm might need can be left off the table.

Cybersecurity isn’t one of them. In 2019 alone, over half of British firms reported cyber-attacks, and the numbers will not be going down anytime soon. Three quarters of the firms in that report were dubbed as being ‘novices’ in cyber readiness, and that many businesses had a false sense of security in assuming that they would not be targeted. For your startup, falling into that bracket of incompetence may be a fatal mistake, leaving you unable to recover from the fallout.

Below you will find three important reasons as to why your startup needs quality cybersecurity right this instant.

Reduced Pressure

Cybersecurity comes with a whole host of pressures, many of which startups have no hope of relieving independently.

When it comes to safeguarding your business digitally from external threats, things can get a little murky. There’s no end of viruses and hackers working hard day and night to gain access to your sensitive startup servers and data. Startups have limited time on their hands, and chances are, you’re stretched thin enough as is. You don’t have the time to start becoming well-versed in cybersecurity, nor do any of the people working with or under you.

Ultimately, this kind of expertise is almost impossible to have in a startup full-time, as most of the positions in your business that’re filled will be higher management jobs where each person is wearing multiple hats at once. Cybersecurity is incredibly demanding and complex, and simply cannot be one of these extra hats. Your startup will need help and nothing less than 100% commitment to your needs here.

All of this is why you need quality IT support services, because cybersecurity really is its own vast and ever-expanding discipline. Texaport is highly accredited in all their operations, with their prolific IT support engineers forever focused on understanding your business specific IT support needs. There are no boundaries in their expertise, righting IT wrongs around the globe by delivering quality cybersecurity solutions, amongst other things like minimising downtimes and enhancing your connectivity. Ultimately, your humble startup can greatly benefit from top tier services such as this one.

Increased Integrity

Smaller businesses must begin from a place of integrity, and it must be an unwavering quality of your startup that persists throughout its journey.

Investing in cybersecurity measures shows that you take that commitment seriously. After all, many entrepreneurs boil business down to numbers, statistics, and performance metrics. They are important components of a functioning firm whether it’s a humble startup or a global enterprise, but they are certainly not everything a company is comprised of. Values, character, and ethics are just as important qualities in a successful firm.

Everything your startup does effects people. It might seem like an obvious point to make, but many corporate folk somehow lose their humanity in their quest for riches and success. Cybersecurity protects you against external threats, but it also serves functions like safeguarding personal data, which eliminates headaches for all your staff in the process. In many ways, cybersecurity a reflection of both your personal and professional values, showcasing how far you’re willing to go to look out for everyone and make their lives easier.

Improved Reputation

If your business is without integrity, it won’t take long for your startup’s reputation to slowly slide into the nearest bin.

If you’re sharing sensitive client data or storing important information on business partners, then you can’t expect people to be willing to engage with you if you’re not protecting their information. It’s disrespectful, deceptive, and ultimately shows that you’re not fully invested in what you’re doing. That kind of image is not attractive for anyone on the outside, except of course, for hackers.

It’s not just about how people perceive you outside of your startup either. If potential employees catch wind of the fact that you won’t take the steps needed to protect their information, they won’t want to work for you either. Existing ones may well abandon you all together, and they’d be justified in doing so. Their address, payment information, even their kid’s schools; it could all be on record in one form or another, and if it’s not protected it could spell disaster in more ways than one.

Your cybersecurity is reflective of your overall competence. It only takes a quick glance at the major broadsheets to realise that nobody is above the law, no matter if you’re a startup or a world-renowned firm. Today, it’s less a flashy accessory that can be flaunted like a badge of honour, and more like an essential tool in your arsenal that everything else in your startup should revolve around. Ultimately, that’s why its crucial to get cybersecurity asap, so you can ensure that the name of your startup is never uttered with tones of mocking or distain.