Why it's not so bad to hustle

Many of us strive for success. We want to chase our dreams, achieve the unexpected and make magic happen. Although this seems like a recipe for success, it’s easy to take it too far. The debate over hustle culture is one that divides. Startups Magazine want to show that hustling isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s far from it.

You might have seen the first article in this series, jumping into why you shouldn’t let hustle culture take over.

Now it’s time dive deeper into the stigma attached to the word ‘hustle’. Where did it come from? What does it truly mean? And what is Startups Magazine’s role in all this?

Hustle culture exists on the following mentality:

If you work hard enough, you will become successful.

And, success = power.

Overworking became popular in the 21st century, thanks in part to the Great Recession of 2008, and for many, especially Millenials and Gen Z, working relentlessly is a way of life. This is in part due to the intense pressures of social media, where hustle culture has emerged as a lifestyle in which your career becomes an overly integral part of your life. It is the belief the only way to achieve success is to work, sacrificing other aspects of life.

Negative connotations

The word ‘hustle’ is not a negative word. It encompasses hard work, identifying opportunities in your time and entrepreneurial dedication. ‘To hustle’ means to work smart, hard and with a sense of urgency, promoting the idea of working hard and pushing oneself to achieve more.

The negative connotations it's received in recent years are due to workplaces taking advantage of this additional time and using it to create an environment of toxicity and competitiveness, where mental health is not taken into consideration.

Yes, entrepreneurship is stressful, but it's not the only outcome, and we want to shine a light and celebrate everyone taking on that hard work for the end goal (and take back the word hustle!)

We want to celebrate everyone who is working hard and doing the hustle for themselves, their future and the future of others.

For the flagship event of Startups Magazine, there's no other word that encompasses the entrepreneurial dedication we are trying to reward. The Hustle Awards reaches not only the startups we champion on a regular basis, but stretches to individual entrepreneurs as well as freelancers, students, role-models, and leaders in the industry.

Also.. it's a dance move, and we're all about letting your hair down and celebrating that hard work. #DoTheHustle

The pros of hustle culture

Hustle culture promotes the idea of working hard, instilling the drive and determination to achieve your greatest dreams. This can result in increased productivity and the ability to accomplish more tasks and goals. Hustle culture can also be a source of inspiration and motivation, encouraging greater professional success.

Where many go wrong is taking this to the extreme, failing to keep a balance between hustling and doing the rest of the things that make us human, including resting, socialising and self-care.

It’s important to find a balance between working hard achieving goals, and prioritising health and wellbeing. The consequences of getting this balance wrong can be catastrophic, and include burnout, lack of work-life balance, and stress and anxiety.

Paige West, Managing Editor of Startups Magazine said: “Our mission here at the Hustle Awards is to recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies in the startup community. We want to raise the standard across the sector, setting aside the hustle culture of today’s society, and encourage people to celebrate their entrepreneurial journey in a relaxed environment surrounded by like-minded people.”

Hopefully this article offers a different perspective to hustle culture, and the hustle that comes with being a founder, entrepreneur, student or role model.

The key is you can work exceptionally hard, but that doesn’t mean working non-stop. A sustainable approach, including rest, relaxation and self-care is important to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing.

Learn more about The Hustle Awards here.