Web addresses pave the way for LGBTQ businesses to thrive

Identity Digital helps pave the way for LGBTQ+ businesses to succeed with new web addresses. As the LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride Month, it is an opportune time to showcase how these web addresses can enhance branding, visibility, and connectivity in the digital landscape.

New web addresses have become invaluable assets for LGBTQ+ businesses, offering them short and memorable domain names that enhance digital branding and visibility. Innovative domain names like .lgbt provide a dedicated space for the LGBTQ+ community, allowing businesses to express their authentic identities and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape. These domains offer the opportunity to go beyond traditional alternatives, driving website traffic and enhancing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies by effectively using "both sides of the dot" to showcase their expertise.

"We are witnessing a digital revolution in the LGBTQ+ business community, where new approaches to online presence drive innovation, connectivity, and success," says Rachel Sterling, CMO at Identity Digital. "These strategies empower LGBTQ+ companies to establish a robust digital footprint and meaningfully engage with their target audiences, fostering growth and prosperity."

LGBTQ+ Success Stories 

We Connect, an influential community and media brand, leverages both sides of the dot with its weconnect.lgbt domain to enhance its position as the go-to source for LGBTQ+ connections. The name contributes to its online presence and supports its commitment to inclusivity, catering to individuals, communities, and businesses seeking meaningful LGBTQ+ connections.

Bliss, a pioneering mobile banking application, has embraced the domain bliss.lgbt as part of its commitment to catering to transgender individuals. By incorporating this authentic and relevant domain name, the company can help ensure its online presence resonates with its target audience, demonstrating a safe and welcoming environment free from discrimination, harassment, or adversity.

Pink Triangle Press (PTP), a renowned LGBTQ2S+ media group, has created an inclusive online platform leveraging pinktrianglepress.lgbt that supports the empowerment of LGBTQ2S+ individuals. Through pinktrianglepress.lgbt, PTP remains dedicated to championing freedom, equality, and progress for LGBTQ2S+ individuals and communities.

In 2009, Natasha and Freya launched cool.haus, a dessert brand that filled a void in the representation of LGBTQ+ women, millennials, and dessert enthusiasts. Cool.haus was the ideal domain name to convey the brand's vision. Their story highlights the power of selecting the right domain name to amplify a brand's message and connect with target audiences.

"We celebrate the vision and determination of LGBTQ+ businesses in establishing a strong digital footprint and an authentic digital identity," adds Sterling. “At Identity Digital, we offer comprehensive services, providing the community with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age."