Virgin Media O2 launches Flex scheme for small business broadband customers

Building on a range of existing small business broadband propositions, Virgin Media O2 introduces an all-new Flex offering. The new scheme enables small business customers to move between broadband package options, allowing customers to dial their broadband package up or down according to their needs.  

With Virgin Media O2’s Voom fibre broadband packages, customers can flex their package every 30 days to ensure that they have the speed that they want, when they need it.

The Flex offering allows Virgin Media O2 small business customers to adjust their contracted Voom fibre broadband selection to go up to any level of Voom broadband tiers or down one level from their originally contracted package, paying the stated price of the new tier.

Customers can evaluate and change their package as they see fit by phoning the Care team.

In addition to the new Flex scheme, Virgin Media O2 provides small business customers with a fixed price guarantee within their contracts. This puts businesses in control of their spending, so they know what their monthly Broadband expenses are, with no surprises.

This fixed price guarantee excludes promotional offer periods, add-on prices or usage fees, and expires once a customer’s contract is over. 

Chris Holmes, Director of SOHO at Virgin Media O2, said: “At Virgin Media O2, we are committed to providing our small business customers with broadband packages that give them the flexibility that they need. A small business customer is able to flex their service, ramping up their broadband to deal with added traffic or flexing it down as they see fit.

"With the UK's fastest widely available broadband for businesses, a fixed price guarantee while in contract, and our all-new Flex proposition, Virgin Media O2 Voom fibre broadband offers a winning combination of propositions for small businesses.”