The Ultimate White Label Tech Stack for Growing Agencies

White-label software tools are essentially proprietary apps that can be rebranded and customized by another company or agency to be used and promoted as their own.

With the help of these tools, your growing agency can:

  • Provide more value-add features and services to your clients without an added investment of time, money, and human resources.
  • Minimise risks associated with entering a new market (such as offering paid advertising services as a content marketing agency) or partnering with another agency.
  • Increase brand awareness and affinity by providing centralised platforms under your own branding.
  • Improve brand authority by positioning yourself as a one-stop solution in the market.

In this article, let’s look at seven such white-label software solutions that will help your agency increase its offerings and enter new markets today.

1. is a SaaS tool that helps teams manage projects and develop process workflows based on their needs. Referred to as a “Work OS,” can be used by agencies to manage everything from software development to marketing and sales.

Growing agencies can use this tool to build workflows and applications under their own brand name to increase their offerings for their clients. This also gives a great opportunity for agencies to experiment by offering a diverse set of services, since the financial risks are low.

With, your clients can get dedicated workflows and applications for their requirements — whether it is managing contacts, tasks, projects, or internal operations — in one place, with your branding front and center.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool. Teams can create automated drip campaigns for each stage of the customer journey and set behavioural triggers for them. With pre-built automation templates and real-time reports, you can get started in minutes.

By adding your agency’s branding to ActiveCampaign, you can keep your company top-of-mnd among clients while helping them with landing pages, capturing and scoring leads, tracking their audience’s behaviour on their site, and improving their customer engagement.

Your clients will have a one-stop solution where they can ideate, build, and execute new experiences for their customers. Moreover, they can also integrate their existing tools and apps, including their CRM provider, with ActiveCampaign for faster onboarding.

3. vcita

vcita is a business management platform that helps solopreneurs and small business owners manage client appointments, send automated reminders, process payments, capture leads, and more. It helps minimise their administrative workload, thus allowing SMBs to focus on adding value to their clients.

With vcita’s Partners program, growing agencies can leverage the platform’s functionalities to deliver end-to-end business management solutions like branded client portals and email/SMS campaign builders to their SMB clients under their agency branding.

This lets your SMB clients automate processes such as sending payment reminders and creating invoices — using your agency-branded app — which allows them to focus on providing valuable service and growing their business. All the while, they’ll associate those activities with the value that your agency provides.

4. DashThis

DashThis allows businesses to visualise their marketing data from various sources and platforms and collate them in one report for easier analysis. You can integrate 29+ tools, including Twitter, YouTube, SEMrush, Mailchimp, Google Analytics and all of the leading social media advertising platforms.

DashThis will equip your agency to send interactive marketing reports to your clients automatically under your (or your client’s) branding with your own subdomain, logos and templates. Furthermore, you will get a dedicated account manager that will help you every step of the way.

Your clients won’t have to spend anything more than a few minutes to track the performance of their marketing efforts across all platforms, giving them the time and actionable insights they need to build their business – and to internalise the ROI involved with working with your agency.

5. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing management platform that brings data from various sources to one place, manages digital assets, helps improve local SEO, and maintains online reputation through review management.

You can provide those services under your agency name and deliver branded performance reports to your clients. PromoRepublic also assigns dedicated customer success managers to their agency partners, which helps make the adoption seamless at every step.

Clients will have access to a custom dashboard, where they can monitor the performance of their campaigns. They can also collaborate with you in designing and scheduling social media campaigns as needed.

6. Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a website SEO audit tool that uncovers complex issues in your website like broken links, content errors, and duplicate content with just a few clicks. SEO experts also use Netpeak Spider to scrape website data and generate and validate sitemaps.

With Netpeak Spider, you can create and customise site audit reports for your agency’s clients with recommendations and visuals in a convenient PDF format under your own branding. Furthermore, you can also analyse your clients’ competitors' websites to find more areas of improvement.

Your clients can get their website performance data from these crawl reports by integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console with Netpeak Spider. They can also segment this data based on the page type or tags to gain impactful insights on certain groups of pages.

7. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja, as the name suggests, helps businesses to create and send invoices, track payments for vendors, accept payments online, manage inventory, and automate various financial processes.

The white-label annual license of Invoice Ninja will allow you to offer all the above services to your clients under your agency’s brand. Your clients can access their reports through a password-protected client portal, allowing you to keep the business lights on 24/7.

You can also use Invoice Ninja to help your clients with task management, generate quotes and proposals, set up payment approval workflows, and authenticate invoices with eSignatures.

Summing up

White labeling enables agencies to offer more services to their clients, target more niches, and improve their market positioning with fewer risks. Here are seven white-label tools that deserve a place in the tech stack of many growing agencies:

  1. — for building custom applications and project management workflows
  2. ActiveCampaign — for creating personalized customer experiences
  3. vcita — for managing client-facing business processes like appointment scheduling
  4. DashThis — for visualising marketing data from over 29 sources
  5. PromoRepublic — for managing digital assets and social media marketing
  6. Netpeak Spider — for auditing websites and generating SEO reports
  7. Invoice Ninja — for sending proposals, managing invoices, and accepting payments