UK startup Tablerone chosen for global social impact program

Ten companies have been selected for ‘Startup Boost’, a global program for social impact startups, launched by Sweden-based tech consulting company tretton37. Out of almost 50 applicants, the chosen startups will be provided free support in areas such as programming, design, and strategy.

Reading and hearing about these innovative startups is both humbling and inspiring. Many of these ideas have the ability to change lives - some can even save lives. We’re excited to support the ten startups that were chosen and together make a positive impact in the world”, said Deniz Yildirim, CEO of tretton37.

The ten companies selected by tretton37 are the ones believed to have the greatest potential for social and environmental impact. Five companies are based in Africa, four in Europe, and one in Asia. Half of them have female founders or co-founders. The startups operate in a spread of areas, including environment, education, legal, e-commerce, mental health, and healthcare.

Next, tretton37 and the startups will make a more detailed plan to outline their needs and how tretton37 can support. Skills that the companies have requested range from mobile/web development, product management, UX design, AI expertise, DevOps, cloud engineering, and more.

The ten social impact startups selected:

Ahiyoyo (Benin)
A marketplace site with a focus on helping the un(der)employed making additional income by selling products in a safe way.

Aliments (Benin)
Online marketplace that aims to help local farmers sell and transport their crops to restaurants and other buyers, enabling a fair income and preventing food scarcity.

Datatera (Sweden)
Data analysis platform to help improve healthcare by shifting focus to patient satisfaction post-treatment.

EarthCare (Macedonia)
Enabling companies to make better decisions, and driving real change, based on environmental and climate data.

Ecocentric (United Arab Emirates)
Wants to replace all packaging of any food and other deliveries to reusable packaging.

Iguru Therapies (Uganda)
Providing easy and fast access to speech therapist services.

Iko Africa (Nigeria)
Enabling African literacy by offering local authors a place to publish their work and encourage readers to read local literature.

Plussa (Sweden)
An app that helps parents improve their mental health through exercises, coaches, and information.

Tablerone (Slovenia/UK)
Chrome extension, originally intended for computer users with ADHD, providing an all-in-one tab manager to save tabs, restore sessions, and organise bookmarks.

Zupoto (Ghana)
A platform that enables easy, fast, and affordable access to legal help for tech startups and individuals.