TwinUp unveils Metaverse software for architects with $3m Seed investment

TwinUp, a Frisco-based software company, announces a milestone in securing a lead investment of $3 million from private investors for its revolutionary software application tailored specifically for the architectural community.

With plans to raise a total of $4 million in its initial seed round, slated to conclude this summer, TwinUp is revolutionising the architectural industry by offering architects a comprehensive digital platform that streamlines the creation, management, optimisation, and presentation of their 3D design models and project images.

TwinUp CEO, Michael Jansen, expresses his enthusiasm: "This new financing will propel our growth, enabling us to deliver an exceptional user experience to architects worldwide, while fostering rapid expansion and development."

TwinUp CTO, Dr. Prasanta Bose, highlights the platform's advanced capabilities: "With TwinUp, a single architect can achieve what would traditionally require the efforts of an entire firm. Our AI-driven personal assistant, 'Arch-e,' leverages real-time data processing to provide architects with the information they need promptly, empowering them to accomplish more in less time and with greater ease."

JC Cunningham, TwinUp CFO and COO, outlines the vast market potential: "Our product is attractively priced to cater to a broad range of design professionals, including architects, interior designers, engineers, and planners. With approximately 175,000 architects in the US and the UK alone, and a global population of three to four million architects, TwinUp has the potential to reach over 11.8 million users worldwide."

The TwinUp software suite comprises three seamlessly integrated apps: TwinUp Community, TwinUp Building, and TwinUp World.

TwinUp Community offers architects a free virtual design portfolio and social media platform, allowing users to showcase and share their design work with private groups and the larger architectural community. Professional users can upgrade to TwinUp Pro, priced at $19 per month (early bird pricing), gaining access to the TwinUp 3D Metaverse, which includes TwinUp Building and TwinUp World.

TwinUp Community is set to launch in early summer 2023, followed by the release of TwinUp World in the fall of 2023. Practicing architects can apply to join the TwinUp Beta Program, offering them an opportunity to experience the software firsthand.